Pond Cleaning Service

Pond Cleaning Service from Kent Aquatics

By: Kent Aquatics  10/09/2009
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From late September through to early march we advise having your Pond cleaned. Silt, sediment and decaying debris can seriously affect the health and overall appearance of the pond if not annually removed. We can perform a partial Pond clean or complete Pond cleanout.


*Complete pond drain down

* Pond Fish held in fully oxygenated  holding tank

* Pond Fish health analysis

* Pond Silt & Sludge removal

* Thourough pressure pond clean, jet down of sidewalls and surround to remove algae

* Pond Pump and filter service

* Full pond liner check/Repair

* Aquatic Plants cropped back, dead-headed and re-potted if applicable.
*Dechlorinator treatment and refill
* Pond Fish replaced

Contact Kent Aquatics now to ready your pond for the spring.

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