EMP318 Industrial Pestrepeller

EMP318 Industrial Pestrepeller from Elyon Pest Control

By: Elyon Pest Control  07/02/2013
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The only high-powered ultrasonic pest repeller with special "Multiplex Modulated Sweeping Ultrasonic Sounds". These high intensity ultrasonic sound waves (20~65KHz) are out of the range of hearing of humans are most household pets, but pests. These nerve-crushing sounds (to rodents and insects) directly penetrate their brain and nervous systems causing them severe pain and discomfort, and make them uneasy and act abnormal-such as to become frantic jumping, stampeding and fighting each other, which result in the voluntary repulsion against ultrasonic wave areas and pests are impossible to stay at such radiated areas. Ultrasonic radiation gets rid of rodents, insects and many other pests. Ultrasonic pest controlling system with multi-frequency modulated sounds. Doesn't kill rodents and insects-- it drives them out! No toxic chemicals or messy traps, SAFE and CLEAN. Harmless to humans and most household pets. Operation : Plug into electrical source. Set the "SWEEP SPEED" dial at MIN~MAX. A red light indicates the power is on. Adjust the frequency "CONTROL" knob to "RODENTS / INSECTS" ranges, the sweeping frequencies are generated to eliminate these pests. Set the "CONTROL" knob to "BIRD" range, this sound effectively repels birds, deer, coyotes, raccoons and other large wild animals. Use of "BIRD" range should be restricted around people or in residential urban environments. Each week change the " SWEEP SPEED Knob " from MIN~MAX, the pests can not get used to the sounds. The sounds may cause a somewhat unpleasant reaction to some people. You should adjust the "CONTROL" dial to a higher setting which is not audible. Installations: It should be placed at least 1-2 foot or above the ground or floor for best results. Do not place it on carpeted surfaces, behind furniture, draperies or other soft objects as they will absorb the sound waves. Coverage can greatly improved if it is aimed towards sound reflecting objects (metal, glass, concrete, marble…etc.). Do not place it near to your ears before performing this check Do not place it near to your ears before water. Order extra units if your plant or establishment is broken up with thick wall partitions which can inhibit transmission of ultrasonic sound. Order extra units if your plant has an open dock entry or exit-way where pests can gain access to premises. Please keep the device turned on day and night

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