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By: Elyon Pest Control  07/02/2013
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Product Name: Ultrasonic Dog Chaser Model number: EM977 This ultrasonic device keeps those unfriendly dogs out of the way. Suitable for use by joggers, bicyclists, elders, postmen, police, or any person that is afraid of dogs. Also, it can be utilized as a dog trainer. Battery operated, hand held type with built-in belt clip. To help create a safe zone between user and the unfriendly dogs. AnElectronic Dog Repellerfrom Elyon Pest Control. The actual Super Dog Chaser uses high frequency sound to halt dog assaults. Deter aggressive dogs from a range with the electronic dog repellent. Using a frequency range of 20,000Hz - 25,000Hz theElectronic Dog Repellerworks well at stopping the approach of undesirable dogs at up to 40 ft (maximum effectiveness at 10 ft). Works by producing inner ear discomfort and pain, but won't result in any sort of long lasting damage. The Electronic Dog Repelleris considered the most humane and also safe method to discourage unfriendly dogs. It can also be utilized as a canine training device simply by pushing the power switch along with the verbal or even hand command. The Electronic Dog Repelleremits a frequency which is barely audible by humans but can easily be heard by dogs or even cats. The dog chaser may harmlessly prevent the actual approach of a dog or cat whenever properly used. The device will certainly project ultrasonic wave technology as you constantly push the actual power button and also directly point the actual dog repellent towards the actual approaching unfriendly dog. The actual ultrasonic waves emitted from the dog chaser will discomfort the actual dogs and make them hightail it. This dog chaser will help an individual establish a safe area between the person and the unfavourable dog. A built-in LED indicator will certainly light when the power button is actually depressed. Once the LED does not light or possibly is much less brilliant, it's time to replace the actual battery.

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