Restricted access

By: C.White Bike Training  02/12/2010
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 125 (Restricted Access) training                          Restricted Access is your route to a full motorcycle licence if you are under 21, nervous about riding a big bike or learning on a budget. Even though we are on a smaller bike. We'll cover much the same ground as on the Direct Access course, but all your training will be on the smaller 125 machine. After receiving your restricted licence, you'll be able to buy any bike but the power of it has to be restricted down to 33 bhp for the following two years. After this two year period the restricter kit can just be removed and you can ride a full power machine without doing another test. All Training will be carried out on a strict  2:1 instructor policy so better value for money      you will require CBT and theory test pass certificates, together with a provisional licence minimum age 17 all course training and the test is taken on a 125cc machine after passing the test, you can remove your L plates, carry a pillion passenger and ride any bike with a power output not exceeding 33bhp (25kW) this restriction lasts for two years, at the end of which you are free to ride any bike,fully powered All Training will be full days so a lot more time spent riding the bikes getting used to them. we offer 2, 3, 4 and 5 day courses to suit your experience

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