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By: Inner Sanctum Counselling and Hypnotherapy  23/02/2011
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Counsellors are trained to listen and to help others explore their thoughts and feelings and behaviours. Thus can help to look at new ways of responding and new behaviours. Thus is done in a safe and non-judgmental way and everyone is treated with the utmost positive regard at all times.


Hypnotherapy is an ancient therapy for helping with the mind. It aims to re-programme patterns of behaviour in the mind. As the body is released from conscious control by methods of relaxation, the sub-conscious part of our brain is able to take on more of the responsibility for our thoughts and feelings.This allows us to re-programme some of the negative thought processes that might be causing us problems. Like phobias or habits that are unwanted or un useful.


Hypnoanalysis Free Association is the most effective form of Hypnotherapy available at present. Many therapist are trained use Hypnoanalysis but only a few hundred are trained to use Hypnoanalysis Free Association. It is quite different and unique by comparison.  This form of Hypnotherapy can totally resolve the cause of sub-conscious anxieties, leaving the sufferer free of their symptoms. Free Association Hypnoanalysis usually takes 8-12 sessions but it can sometime be achieved quicker.

Hypnoanaylisis Free Association is a therapeutic technique in which a client is relaxed into hypnosis, and using free-association, sets out to release and resolve bottled-up emotions, conflicts and anxieties. 


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