Top 10 Tips: How you can Save Money on Your Telecoms Bills

By: True Telecom  26/01/2015
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Stuart Griffiths, CEO of True Telecom, broadband, mobile and telecoms service provider, offers insider tips for hotels looking to save on their telecoms bills and minimise those all-important overheads 1. All for one and one for all It can be far more cost and time efficient to keep your broadband, mobile and telecoms billing together – make sure your provider is offering telecoms bundles, along with capped rates and low recursive charges. 2. The real value of integrated solutions In choosing a provider with a wide product portfolio and ability to offer integrated solutions, hotels can benefit from multiple discounts in one place, including cost savings on mobile, broadband and calling charges. 3. A agreement for your business Businesses should consider opting for a provider who can construct a bespoke agreement based on its unique telecoms requirements, catering for hotels of different sizes and to suit its existing communication needs, as this will ensure that no unnecessary charges are made and the business is getting the most use out of its agreement. One size doesn’t necessarily fit all. 4. Always look for a price guarantee Businesses want to take out a telecoms contract safe in the knowledge that there will be no nasty surprises down the line. Consider a provider that offers a price guarantee or a robust price rise policy, to protect your tariff for the duration of the contract. 5. Stay sensitive to your usage Keeping a close eye on your hotel’s telecoms usage can save you a considerable amount long term, as too many active lines or unnecessary features in your business can result in inflated bills at the end of each month. A good provider should allow you to downgrade as well as upgrade your agreement to suit your changing requirements. 6. A specialist service With a range of telecoms providers to choose from, ensure that any agreement is tailored to your size. For example, as True Telecom specialises in telecoms solutions for SMEs and the hospitality sector, they are well placed to offer advice based on practical experience – constructing a cost-effective strategy to suit your unique needs. 7. Focus on the perks Often, telecoms providers will offer hidden perks to their agreements, which, if used correctly can save a significant amount. For example, free calls to frequently called numbers can be useful if you call the same suppliers or customers frequently, while free calls between landline and mobile numbers (if they are covered in a telecoms bundle) can also save in communicating in a range of different ways. 8. Future-proofing your business It’s important to ensure that your telecoms provider is consistently providing innovative solutions to drive your business forward. From low cost IP solutions to new technology or agreement types to suit your hotel business, look for a provider with a proactive approach to upgrading your systems to stay at the forefront of changing telecoms technology, offering an seamless service to your customers. 9. Your secret weapon against premium rate numbers As SMEs can waste a lot of money calling customers or suppliers on expensive numbers, it is important to make savings where you can. You can use the following website to find alternative numbers to help cut your calling costs dramatically (although as the site is crowd sourced, tread carefully with sensitive numbers). 10. Use all your tools When making short or internal calls, look to harness all the communication tools at your disposal, including instant messaging, email or free chat to get your information across. These alternative communication products will ultimately save your business money.

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