Sash window repairs – It’s a minefield!

Sash window repairs – It’s a minefield! from Fortis & Hooke Limited

By: Fortis & Hooke Limited  06/04/2011
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The replacement of a sash window is not something I take lightly. I am a “glass half full” type of guy. This mindset has been ingrained into the thinking of all our on-site workers. We all believe that most sash windows can be repaired without placing undue pressure on a customer’s budget.

I was very surprised today, when I saw the state of one of our customer’s windows.

I personally surveyed the windows and in my opinion a major repair was not necessary due to the large percentage of solid timber still remaining in the sash.

However, once the window was disassembled and all the rot was removed the pictures show the little that remained of the bottom rail.

This is one of the worst states of disrepair I have seen. Only around 50% of the original bottom rail remained after rot removal was completed.

Even though this state was not anticipated, I felt encouraged by being witness to the gusto our site manager displayed in arranging the manufacture of a new, suitable bottom rail and full replacement of the entire section.

It is impossible to always be 100% certain what we will find when working on 200 year old windows. But, the fact remains – problems are there to be solved.

If one’s focus is on the right goal, preventing pre-mature replacement of traditional sash windows, it can be achieved – one window at a time!

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