By: Affirm Hypnotherapy  03/09/2011
Keywords: weight control, Losing Weight, weight loss hypnosis

Affirm Hypnotherapy works with both adults and children to have a healthy relationship with food. Whether for weight loss, weight management, stopping food addictions, adding more varied food to their everyday diet, eating healthily - whatever your problem is with food we CAN make changes. Just a few of our successes:- Affirm Hypnotherapy is pleased to announce that client KH has now shed over 3 stone since April 2011 with our Weight Management programme - CONGRATULATIONS to her!! Client MS had an overwhelming addiction to chocolate, causing her to have weight, health & dental problems - now she can't bear to even stand at the supermarket check-out where they display chocolate as she finds chocolate disgusting!! Client TC has been a very selective eater for over 20 years and is now eating fruit and vegetables for the first time!! He can't believe how much he enjoys it and what he's been missing out on!!

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