Nutritional Therapy, Naturopathy

By: Cora Weekes - Nutritional Therapy  24/11/2011
Keywords: Weight Management, Nutritional Supplements, NUTRITIONAL THERAPY

Initial appointment (90 minutes) After we make an appointment, I shall send you a health and diet questionnaire (by post or email) and ask you to fill it in and return 2-3 days before the consultation is due. An initial consultation will last for about 75 minutes, during which we shall discuss in detail your main health concerns, dietary habits and lifestyle factors that may contribute to your symptoms. I may use a range of naturopathic tools such as tongue, face and nail analysis, and in some cases possibly recommend certain non-invasive clinical tests, to help ascertain any suspected underlying conditions and/or to assess your progress. You may also be referred to your GP (with your consent) for further investigations or tests. I shall then give you my recommendations, and we will agree together on a suitable action plan that would be most helpful, but also feasible for you. I shall put this in writing for your reference. I will be happy to collaborate with any other medical practitioner(s) that you are already seeing, and strongly encourage you to let them know about the nutritional/lifestyle changes that you are/will be making. Follow-up appointments (50-60 minutes) A follow-up consultation is recommended after 4-6 weeks in order to assess your progress and continue with any necessary changes. If required, email and telephone support will be available between appointments. During follow-up consultations, we shall discuss your progress, ascertain areas that you found more challenging from your initial action plan, check for any new symptoms or health goals, and find alternatives, or ways to go around the difficulties that you have met. We will “tweak” your programme, are take a “step-by-step” approach, progressing towards better health and increased vitality.

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