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Vehicle and personal trackers from ABLE iNVESTIGATIONS UK

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The TRACK-Pod LiveMap mesures 65x35x20 mm and 58g it is specifically designed for ease of carrying and use. It is ideal in for use by travellers, lone workers, the elderly/infirm or the young and can of course be used to protect any object/asset. 


It is delivered to you 'ready to go' and uses the 'Easy-Map' mapping panel system which as the name suggests is "easy to use", and provides simple and effective controllability.


You can top-up with location credits via our dedicated website, (each location report costs as little as  2/10th's of a penny when bought in quantity), you may also elect what reporting period you wish the tracker to use. The tracker will only use these location credits when the tracker senses significant movement (speed or distance).


The TRACK-Pod LiveMapis a powerful GPS live tracker, that allows you to track in most countries around the globe, enabling you to view its position every 10 seconds and upwards.


Not only can you view the TRACK-Pod LiveMap from our website,if you prefer you can simply switch off the live tracking from your tracking panel and just call the device from your mobile phone when you want to know where it is. The tracker will then return the address details via an SMS to the callers mobile phone. The location message also includes a WAP link which can be used to download a small map image on phones with WAP facilities. 

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