Child Protection

Child Protection from ABLE iNVESTIGATIONS UK

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Children are very important in all our lives, to protect them from harm should be a priority in all adults, be it the parents and or the guardian who they rely on to keep them safe.
Able investigations offer many services and products that do just that.

If you are a working parents who entrust the life and safety to a nanny, we offer covert cameras that can be installed within your home, this will allow you to monitor either historically and or live videos feeds to you office and or mobile phone in the way the nanny conducts themselves when you are not there. By doing so does not meant distrust towards the nanny, it is simply a way of giving you the parent/s a piece of mind while at work.

We can also supply various discrete trackers, which will allow you the parent to track, and locate your child from a distance of one meter to infinity.

So give us a call, our trained operatives will be happy to discuss any of the above with you in a discrete and professional manor.

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