Burr elm coffee tables

Burr elm coffee tables from unique wild wood furniture

By: unique wild wood furniture  06/12/2009
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Since the widespread decimated our stocks, we are lucky enough to have a Scottish supplier who is as passionate as ourselves about .

The tables are truly spectacular the patterns in the timber are some of the most beautiful you will see and some of this is referred to as paw burr.Burr elm is most commonly used in furniture making and with people who like natural wild figured pieces.

These trees can reach a height of 45 metres and the fantastic colour, the figures only become so prominent in the older specimens.

A common tree in hillside woods in the highland where it is shady and damp, hopefully through proper forrest management, although a Rare timber it will be available for us all to enjoy.

This collection of 3 tables are without doubt stunning and becoming exceptionally rare to obtain in the natural state.

All 3 are standing on hand forged legs, however we are having stand produced that will give the impression of each piece floating.


Keywords: Bespoke, Burr elm, coffee table, freeform, Unusual, Wild, wood