Terrastop Premium silt fence - Stormwater run-off pollution control

Terrastop Premium silt fence - Stormwater run-off pollution control from Hy-Tex (UK) Limited

By: Hy-Tex (UK) Limited  08/09/2010
Keywords: engineering, environmental, Environmental Protection

Construction site stormwater run-off is a significant, and frequently underestimated, source of pollution. Activities, such as clearing, grading, and excavating, expose highly susceptible, disturbed soil to weather erosion for prolonged periods.

Consequently building sites can quickly contribute more sediment to waterways and drainage systems than would normally occur over several decades. The deposited silt can cause serious environmental harm to aquatic habitats and result in increased public spending on activities such as dredging and drain maintenance.

It is therefore important to establish sediment control plans to protect surrounding watercourses and avoid incurring severe penalties. Probably the most significant, and practical, solution used worldwide is silt fences, which can remove on average 70% of total suspended solids from run-off.

Terrastop Premium is a technical filter fabric,purpose made for this demanding application, which is used as an entrenched interception fence. It provides a proven, convenient and cost effective method of trapping eroded material and is simple to use.

Keywords: engineering, environmental, Environmental Protection, erosion control, pollution control, Silt Fence, slope stabilisation

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