SQLWays 6.0 is Released

By: Ispirer  10/04/2012
Keywords: Database And Application Migration

April 3, 2012 – Ispirer Systems Ltd., a world-leading provider of cross-platform database and application migration solutions, has released SQLWays 6.0, a new version of its database migration software.

“SQLWays 6.0 has been developed in several directions,” said Dmitry Tolpeko, Ispirer Product Manager, describing the product’s potential. “Its conversion power has dramatically increased in comparison with the previous version.”

Sybase to DB2 z/OS

After completing one more project in this migration direction the following solutions have been found and added to SQLWays 6.0:

  • Supporting IXF data format for DB z/OS;
  • Supporting external functions for Java with an opportunity of indicating WLM environment;
  • A possibility of changing database structure;
  • Migration of various system functions such as BitAnd, REVERSE, BitOR, etc.

Sybase to MySQL

One of our clients faced the problem that when converted from Sybase to MySQL the queries worked slower. The solution was found in identifying Cartesian products in queries and doing splitting. Apart from this, database migration tool SQLWays 6.0 has become capable of gathering more statistics. Now it can automatically find Cartesian products, collect statistics, and do splitting, which saves our clients time, effort and expenses.

Oracle to PostgreSQL

SQLWays 6.0 is capable to convert Oracle Pro*C API to PostgreSQL ECPG API in C applications. Migration process goes internally in tool and there is no need to convert embedded SQL separately.

Oracle to MySQL

Database migration tool SQLWays now can convert Business Logic from Oracle to MySQL that works with files, XML types, HTTP servers, TCP connections and LOBs. The tool has been updated and now supports conversion of MySQL external functions that emulate the work of Oracle packages UTL_FILE, DBMS_UTILITY, UTL_HTTP, UTL_TCP, DBMS_LOB and XMLTYPE.

Informix to Oracle

SQLWays 6.0 has been upgraded to include and perform:

  • Incomplete datetime and interval values conversion;
  • Overloaded stored routines migration.

Ispirer Systems is also glad to announce that the list of supported databases has been extended. Now SQLWays 6.0 has Greenplum and EnterpriseDB as a source and target databases.

About Ispirer SystemsIspirer Systems Ltd. specializes in automated cross-platform database migration from all major databases to the newest database management systems developed by IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Sybase, MySQL & SchoonerSQL. The company successfully works in the field of database migration since 1999.Today it has over 500 customers worldwide including world leading financial, social and educational institutions and global corporations. To learn more, please visit the website 

Keywords: Database And Application Migration

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