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By: landmarkbingo  12/06/2013
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Bingo is a popular online game and is played by young and old with keen enjoyment. Recent research shows that online bingo is played by over 9% of the population in the US and the UK. Bingo games are addictive and are being played by both men and women. Here are some fun facts about bingo, even if you have played it all your life. For all those who thought that bingo originated in Britain, then you are dead wrong. The game originated in Italy as a lottery game and then spread to France and Britain. From Europe it moved to the US where it was called 'beano' from the beans used to mark numbers. From beano it was renamed bingo. Bingo was used in Germany to teach children simple arithmetic and history. A number of games were devised for small children to make learning fun and easy. Bingo was called 'housie' in Australia in the early 20th century before it was called bingo. Bingo games were held in large marquees before it moved to bingo halls and churches in Australia. Carl Leffler, a Math professor from Columbia University was hired by Edwin Lowe who popularised the game in the US. It is believed that Leffler went insane after developing over 6000 number combinations for the game. Studies have proved that bingo is actually good for our brains! One study determined that people who played bingo did much better at certain mental activities than those who did not play the game. Another interesting statistic to remember is that more than 96% of all bingo players have already won a game of bingo and a prize in the past, which means that as a bingo player you will definitely going to be a winner. Today 30% of bingo players are 35 years old or younger. There goes the popular belief that bingo is only an old ladies' game! It is a proven fact that people of different ages play bingo and enjoy the game. When online gaming became the rage thanks to the Internet, there were only ten online bingo websites to begin with. Today there are over 2000 online bingo websites to choose from. To many bingo aficionados online gaming is simpler and easy as it can be played from home. To bingo regulars winning is not the main motivation that online bingo has to offer. To many regulars it is the thrill of making new friends and chatting with the other players that is the key factor to playing online. Online bingo games have been endorsed by leading celebrities like Kerry Katona, Katie Price, Vic Reeves, Sharon Osbourne, Jim Bowen, Christopher Biggins, Barbara Windsor, Nikki Grahame and Gavin Henson. In the UK, bingo ranks as the top leisure time activity that is done in groups. Online bingo is the second most popular leisure time activity for individuals. Jessica writes for which is the best place to play online bingo games.The website has great offers for the players through online by signup and coupon codes of different promotions, explore the site for online bingo games to have fun.

Keywords: Bingo Online, Online Bingo, Online Bingo Games

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