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By: Vsl Voice Services  25/03/2011
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The Meru system is a revolutionary system that combines wireless resources into one virtual pool for a wired like experience. The Meru system is designed to have all the access points on only one channel. This means no interference between channels so maximum usage is available. It also means that less access points are needed, the reduction can be up to 30%.Whole classrooms can use the wireless system at the same time without compromising on performance. Whether a child is sat at the front of the classroom or the back the connectivity to the wireless system and the amount of power available is the same.  

Unlike many wireless systems the Meru wireless network is specifically designed for schools. Many wireless systems are designed for business’s where only a few people need to access the wireless at any one time. However if more than a few users need to use the network it becomes inefficient, information is wasted and has to be transmitted again which leads to a huge amount of time being lost. The Meru system on the other hand allows for whole class rooms to use the system at the same time.

The system has many mechanisms which save both money and time. Firstly the Meru system has a mechanism called the “air traffic control” device. This device directs all the network transmissions upstream and downstream. It eliminates channel planning and the problems associated with it. Secondly the system only takes a couple of hours to be installed, also the system can be expanded at a later date as more access points can be easily be placed on the system without any interruptions or disturbances. Moreover

Meru has a controller for every size of school, with controllers as big as supporting 1,500 access points or a smaller one which can support up to 30. It also has a built in security from layer one to layer seven of neurons to defend you from the perimeter.

Keywords: Meru Wireless Network, wireless networking,

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