The Art & Verse Good Time Jazz Art Collection of Fine Art Giclée Prints.

The Art & Verse Good Time Jazz Art Collection of Fine Art Giclée Prints. from Art and Verse

By: Art and Verse  09/09/2010
Keywords: Entertainment, art, Music

Presenting artist and poet Peter Mark Butler's Good Time Jazz Art Collection of fine art Giclée prints in which he captures the dazzling world of jazz in a vibrant fusion of acrylic portrait paintings and poems. Each fine art print conjures up the exquisite performances of modern day jazz stars or portrays the brilliance of enthusiastic jazz musicians playing in smaller bands on the jazz circuit.

Peter personally produces and hand signs to order each jazz art fine art giclée print.  Giclée canvas prints are also available for selected portraits in the Jazz Art Collection on special request.

Peter issues Certificates of Authenticity with each fine art Giclée print of his jazz art portrait paintings in which he explains his inspiration for and the synergy between the portrait and poem.

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