Asset Protection - Family Trust

Asset Protection - Family Trust from Watford Wills and Trusts

By: Watford Wills and Trusts  28/06/2011
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Protecting your families assets is something you should plan.
You may be surprised how quickly after many years of hard work and building a home for your family it can all be taken away.  
This means you may have nothing left to leave the children and no more legacy for you family.
Especially in the current environment, the loss of a well paid job, or a bout of illness or should you or your wife be taken into care and the cash runs out, you will quickly see all those years of hard work, wise investing and planning just disappear like a mist on the morning breeze.

Until now there have been limited ways to protect your assets but  these have been at the discretion of traditional solicitors and they changed a princely sum for their services, not that they were alway justified.

Watford Wills and Trust are members of the European Association of Will writers (EAW).   For the past 3 years the EAW and partners have worked meticulously to bring you the ideal vehicle for protecting your family’s property and possessions for upto 125 years and at a fixed low price.

The EAW family trust can provide a way for you to protect your assets for your family from the many life risks that threaten to strip you bare.   
The EAW family trust is much more that just a property Trust.  

This Trust covers many type of assets including cash, bank accounts, ISA’s, even jewellery and vehicles, and you can still have access to your assets in the Trust so you can still enjoy your hard earned possessions while you are alive.

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