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Portuguese to English Certified Translation Services from Portuguese to English certified translator

By: Portuguese to English certified translator  20/11/2015
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Certified Translation Service In my line of work as a certified Translation Service, there are many ways that Google Translate has helped my profession, but, on the other hand, it has also hindered things. Software can be great in helping to reduce the length of time spent on certain tasks, but computers and machines simply put, are nowhere near the point of being able to use language the way humans can. When it comes to financial translation and technical translation these subjects in any language are hard to comprehend let alone translate correctly to a different language. Portuguese to English translation or English to Portuguese translation is far more complex than just writing in a language. On a day to day basis technology serves to make a difference in our lives and to try and make it better. Many people would believe that professional translators use these tools to streamline their work and help speed up the translation service, but this simply isn’t the case. Let me explain why: As I mentioned Google translate has been a positive and negative for the professional language translation services. On one hand it has put translation services on the radar, people know that it is possible to get Portuguese translated to English and vice versa, and in turn it fuels demand and market growth as people really quickly realise that the free online services are highly insufficient for the majority of services especially financial or technical documentation. The negative side of Google translate is that other people know think that translation is far easier that it actually is. People believe that they can get the correct translation for free from Google. This is the downside for a professional language translation services like mine as people can undervalue our work. Prioritising quality documents As a professional I can tell you that only the highest quality is acceptable when it comes to my translation services. Holding the bar high is what professionals should do 100% of the time. Many buyers do not prioritise these things and will often tell you the best translators are the ones that deliver on time, although deadlines are important you can never sacrifice the quality of your translation services for on-time delivery. Many of my buyers will not be able to speak the language that they want you to translate their documents into so they have no way of checking for quality and will generally put cost first. As will all professions you will generally get what you pay for. The same is true of any professional writing services. Many buyers will be using translation services to try and increase their business but unless it is high-quality work it could end up costing them more than they initially paid for the service. You will only get the results that you pay for. As a professional translator, all relationships that you build with your clients will be destroyed unless as a professional language translation service you are true to yourself with top quality work. As a buyer, you need to make a huge effort to communicate with consumers in their native languages. It may all seem like a really big challenge, but if you use a high-quality translation service that can study your content and make it work for your content, customer support and marketing you will find the return on your investment in a translation service will far outweigh the cost. Get your free quote If you are looking for a quote you can email me here. We are available 24/7 and guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the professional service you receive. www.merrilltranslations.com

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