Titan Optima Swimming Pool Heater

Titan Optima Swimming Pool Heater from Elecro Engineering

By: Elecro Engineering  06/09/2011
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  • Easy Installation, floor or vertical wall mount
  • Super safe operation
  • Robust, durable construction
  • Digital water flow signal, no pump interlock required
  • Low element Watts density reduces encrustation
  • Titanium heating elements zero corrosion guaranteed
  • 316 Stainless Steel flow tube (Titan Optima)
  • Titanium flow tube (Titan Optima Plus)
  • Dual cascade wired Schneider contactors on each element bank
  • Digital timers for staged energisation
  • Digital thermostat provides more accurate temperature control
  • Epoxy coated aluminium cabinet


The Titan Optima heater is manufactured from top quality components and material at the Elecro works in Hertfordshire, England.

Construction consists of three flow tubes which are fitted to the uniquely designed manifold mouldings made from specially formulated polymer alloy material. Spiral wound titanium heating elements provide a 'Vortex' water flow, these are positioned equidistantly along each flow tube, providing ultra efficient performance. The low Watts density of these elements guarantees extended life and reliability. The outlet manifold accommodates a flow switch which provides a digital signal to the control board. The inlet manifold is fitted with a titanium temperature detection pocket, fitted with NTC temperature sensor.

The heater is supported by two G/F polyamide chassis end panel mouldings, these together with durable aluminium panels form an enclosure finished in tough epoxy powder coated paint. The enclosure houses the cascade wired Schneider contactors (two per element bank), timers and control board. The enclosure design encourages induced cooling giving an extended switch gear life span.

The heater control panel is on the top of the enclosure containing the indication and fault lights as well as the digital touch control screen. The unit can be floor or wall mounted and is supplied complete with a bracket for vertical wall mounting offering the simplest and tidiest of installations, even in limited space, thus making it particularly suitable for parallel multi-unit installations.


The Titan Optima heater can be easily operated using the touch screen control panel. The inlet manifold has been designed to minimise flow imbalance between the flow tubes, greatly reducing the risks of air locking. Safety and equipment protection is provided by the highly reliable flow switch, over temperature protection is provided by the four safety thermal cut outs (auto-reset) and a safety thermal cut out (manual reset).

The digital control board allows accurate control of the pool water temperature thanks to its high precision. The blue digital characters on the touch screen are clearly legible, even in bright sunlight.

To reduce voltage drop on start-up, the heater element banks are energised in a staged cascaded sequence, with a time delay between energising each bank.

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