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By: apat- testing  05/11/2010
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APAT  Testing  - At Your Service

Don’t take risks – your safety is our priority

We want you, and those around you, to be safe and secure at your place of work.

No job is too large or too small

As you are aware, there are numerous individuals and organisations in the market place offering PAT Testing. – So why choose our company to carry out the work for you?


It is the aim of our qualified and experienced workforce to undertake all the required tests in as short a time as possible, causing the least possible inconvenience to your working procedures.  Testing can be undertaken out of hours at no extra cost.


Our services are available at very competitive prices. All faulty plugs and fuses will be  replaced free of charge, and there will be no re-test fee in the case of failure.


PAT testing is now an integral part of working practise.


No one is exempt from the Electricity at Works regulation that requires: “All electrical systems shall be maintained so as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, any danger”


As well as complying with Health and Safety regulations; by keeping accurate records of the testing undertaken, you will have evidence of safe working procedures. We will be happy to help you set up the records that you require.


You will also find that benefits of PAT testing will be a reduction in your long term maintenance costs and a probable improvement in your insurance terms.


We offer our services to any organisationwho needs them. This includes; banks, hospitals, garages, schools, hotels, shopsetc. We also undertake work for individual landlords. 

So, what happens in a Portable Appliance Test?

Your devices receive first a visual examination, then an actual electrical test.

The visual inspection searches for any damage to the plug, lead or the device itself. The plug is checked to ensure it is wired correctly and that the fuse is correct.

The electrical test then detects any dangerous faults a device may have internally (usually invisible to the eye).


Each of your tested devices is given a small ‘PASS’ label. The sticker informs you, and everyone involved with your organisation, including your insurance company, that each item has passed the important PAT electrical safety test, and is safe to use.

So set your mind at rest – give yourself A PAT on the back and contact:

Keywords: Appliance Testing, Pat Tester