Reiki healing, counselling and Tarot

Reiki healing, counselling and Tarot from Alchemical Healing

By: Alchemical Healing  09/04/2013

Having been on a spiritual path of understanding for many years, it is my aim to help you to heal and find yourself.  To do this, I offer you several methods.  For those who would like the relaxation and time out to lie on a healing couch, then Reiki is the answer.  I do combine Reiki and counselling for those who want this option, and this provides a longer session offering the advantages of both modalities.  Tarot readings give instant accurate insight, and can help you find your way more easily.

My prices are sensitively pitched and you can find out more on the website:
I first discovered Reiki in 1998 and have used it since with great results to help heal and rebalance. I have also used crystals in therapy to good effect, with the vibration being accelerated in a session.  So many stresses cause us to be out of balance and Reiki addresses these non-intrusively.  First session of Reiki offered at half price to see if is right for you.

I added counselling to my skill set in 2005 and this, along with further qualifications in EFT and NLP have broadened the way that I practice.  I feel that I have many ways of helping you to heal through talking therapy.  First half hour offered FREE to see if I am the right counsellor for you.

My spiritual journey has defined who I am and led me into many studies, including Reiki and counselling.  My interests are broad reaching and have encompassed numerology and astrology.  I blend all this together to give highly accurate and intuitive readings.  I  am, however very grounded and balanced in all the work that I do.

Most recently, I have begun to cast Soul Destiny charts.  These are based on numerology and all I require is your name to create the chart.  This is for those who really want to have an in depth understanding of their talents, goals and challenges.  The chart shows your strengths and areas where you can focus to improve your life.

Maybe now is the time to take time out for you.  To find out more you can call me on 07931 247229, 01438 233248 or e mail .

I look forward to helping you.