Don't Put Your Cat In A Cattery

Don't Put Your Cat In A Cattery from St Albans Pet Services

By: St Albans Pet Services  17/05/2011
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Fact - Cats Hate Catteries!

Cats are terroritorial animals and it is often very traumatic and stressful for a cat to be sent to a cattery, where they are subject to unfamiliar smells and sounds of other strange cats. They can also become frustrated at being kept in a confined space and may come into contact with contagious diseases, ticks, fleas, worms etc and may also be subject to unnecessary vaccinations.
Periods of reduced social interactions are not normally too much of a problem for most cats, where they would be terribly distressing for most dogs. Your cat will be far happier and more relaxed in the familiarity of it's own home.
Our cat care home visiting service includes visiting your cat once or twice a day or more for feeding and watering, grooming, administering of any medication, changing of litter tray and cleaning of eating area and food utensils. We will of course, spend some time with your cat giving it contact and lots of fuss and attention. Whilst you are away, we will maintain contact with you by text message, if necessary and we'll leave a daily pet log for you.

Stay and Play
Unlike other providers who only pop-in for 15-20 minute visits, St Albans Pet Services visits your home for a minimum of 30 minutes in order that we provide a quality service. We operate a ‘Stay and Play’ policy. Our visits provide enough time to clean and feed as well as all the important cuddles and play that your cat(s) enjoy.
As well as caring for your cat, as part of our service, at no extra cost, we'll also give your home a 'lived in appearance' to deter would-be-criminals: We'll put out the rubbish, take in the post and newspapers, open and close curtains and blinds, switch lights on and off and we'll also water indoor and patio plants.
 Our pet-sitters do not wear uniforms or drive marked cars.

We also offer a cat sitting service - please refer to our  page.

Cheaper Than A Cattery
Not only are our visits more cost effective than a cattery, you can benefit from all our extra (free) services knowing your home is looked after whilst you are away. More importantly your cat will be far happier in the comfort of it's own home than being confined to a cage for most of the day.

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