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By: Public Advice Centre  27/11/2009
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Public Advice Centre – Working in Your Best Interests
At the Public Advice Centre we know that life can sometimes be problematic.

As Thomas Fuller once quoted “ All things are difficult before they are easy”.

We know that everyone suffers a major problem or crisis of some kind during their lifetime and we know that one of the biggest difficulties people face in times like that revolves around finding out information about what to do to in order to deal with the situation in which they find themselves.

This information is usually out there somewhere through the likes of citizens advice, shelter or other various organisations, but the difficulty often lies in finding out where to look for the information and receive help to address the problems which you face.

When unfortunate situations arise, such as sudden death of a family member, employment law problems, divorce/separation or mounting debt problems, the last thing anyone wants, is to spend hours trawling the Internet or contacting Citizens Advice, or other Government Agencies in order to locate the specific information you need.

 That’s where we at the Public Advice Centre can help.

We have commissioned a team of highly trained researchers to extract detailed information from a wide variety of official sources on some of the problem areas, which give people most concern.

 These include bereavement, immigration, divorce, employment law, Tenant / Landlord eviction rights, repossession and bankruptcy / IVA, all areas where massive amounts of information are available through various sources such as but which can be extremely difficult to obtain and understand.

Let’s face it, the last thing anyone wants to be doing when faced with a crisis situation such as a divorce, repossession, tenant eviction, Bankruptcy / IVA, is to spend hours trawling the web or contacting Government offices, solicitors etc in order to obtain the information required, especially as such information can often be very difficult to interpret.

Our researchers have extracted all the relevant information relating to these matters and have produced a series of easy to follow, plain English Information booklets designed to offer assistance to those affected and to simplify the process of dealing with the particular issue.

These Information booklets will guide the individual towards establishing the correct procedure for dealing with the matter in question and, depending, on the nature of the circumstances, may help in finding a quick, satisfactory solution.

In the event that legal advice and assistance is required, we at the Public Advice Centre has put together a panel of carefully chosen solicitors, all of whom specialise in one or more of the categories mentioned and, should it be necessary to progress the matter through legal channels, we will be in a position to recommend a firm which is most suited to dealing with the specific aspects of the case.

Another advantage of using the Public Advice Centre service is that we will carry out a full fact-find of the individual circumstances relating to each case and, in the event that a referral to one of our panelled solicitor is required, this information will be passed to the firm involved, thereby preventing the need for the solicitor to repeat the process and ensuring a significant cost saving to you.


Nobody wants to find themselves in a crisis situation but unfortunately it can and does happen, often without warning and, when it does, its important to act quickly and to find out exactly what’s required to deal with the situation.


That’s where the Public Advice Centre are experts - the information and advice is there…. we can provide it.


A wise monk once said “Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.”

 For further information call one of our specialist advisers on our dedicated enquiry line – 01923 854 202 

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