Miracle - Baby

By: Balancing Emotions  07/02/2014
Keywords: alternative therapies, Fertility, Holistic Medicine

One of my great success stories has to be a client that came originally for reflexology to help try for a baby. However after sometime and no success she decided to opt for IVF . After going for various tests the hospital confirmed to my client that this would not be an option for her as she had no eggs left and no way of making more eggs. This meant her only option was to adopt and she was very upset. I suggested that we try both The Emotion Code to release what may be preventing her from getting pregnant then the Balance Procedure to create NEW EGGS!!. Yes sounds crazy but Hey nothing to lose . The Result amazing my clients little Girl will be 2 years old in April - A miracle doctors GPs all baffled by this Miracle Baby . i have many other testimonials another is the difference after one one session with a five year old with Austism and this session was done remotely so i didn't even need to see him - how crazy is that. I love hearing people tell me how they feel transformed no more depression no more pain - all i can say is i love my work. I am very grateful to all my clients who teach me so much about the Joy of Living a happy pain fee life .

Keywords: alternative therapies, Dr Bradley Nelson, Fertility, Holistic Medicine, The Balance Procedure, the emotion code,