2 day creative marketing course for optometrists, chiropractors, podiatrists and dentists

By: ourOCEAN  04/01/2009
Keywords: Healthcare, marketing, dentists

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Mark has run a health care business for over 11 years (in the dental sector) and understands the unique problems associated with marketing and sales wihin an ethical patient/professional relationship.

Do you find it difficult to think of ways of increasing revenue or finding new patients that fit with your standing as a health care professional. Do you feel that selling is often unethical?

Would you like some simple techniques  to radically change your practice, surgery or laboratory marketing?

Then why not attend a marketing and creativity course with us.
Course Content:
Defining the scope of marketing
How to compete in a complex market
Understanding the difference between marketing a product and a service
Optimising patient/customers' evaluation of your services
Segmenting the market for optimum effect
Placing your business in the market for increased exposure
Integrating marketing throughout your business
Marketing for improved customer retention
How to think laterally
Techniques for creative thinking
Personal soft selling techniques
How to build rapport quickly and effectively
Talking money with confidence
The course is practical workshop based, with most of the time spent working in small groups. You will spend considerable time working on practical uses of the information for your own businesses. By the end of the course you will be in a position to push your business to another level and instantly reclaim your investment in this course, often by savings made in current marketing spend alone.

Keywords: Dental Practice, dentists, Healthcare, marketing, Marketing Services