Homeopathy healing

By: Homeopathy Healing  07/07/2009
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Homeopathy is a Holistic system of Medicine treating the "individual" person.
Symptoms on many levels are regarded as important as they are all part of the "whole" person.
When there is a disturbance on one level, it can have an effect on other levels. An example is this: lots going on at work, you become "stressed" and then you get a frontal headache which feels like pressure. Mentally you are stressed, physically you are in pain. Relieve the stress-relieve the headache.
Homeopathy looks to help heal on the "aetiology" the "cause" of the dis-ease or imbalance. Homeopathy doesn't suppress the symptoms and hide the problem, it aims to address the initial cause where possible, and hopefully bring about relief that way.

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