Voice Broadband - Why is quality of service important?

Voice Broadband - Why is quality of service important? from Cloud Net

By: Cloud Net  08/09/2010
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Most of us have heard stories in the past about VoIP and they usually involve poor quality and broken conversations. This is very common because your internet connection is used to carry many different types of traffic including web pages, emails and documents - many of them consuming large amounts of bandwidth.

Now the problem is that these different types of traffic share the same connection without any levels of priority - they are all battling for the same bandwidth and as a result things inevitably get delayed. This is fine for most types of traffic but voice is very sensitive to delay and packet loss - each word in a conversation needs to be delivered on time and in the correct order.

Quality of Service (QoS) is used to guarantee that certain types of traffic can travel from source to destination within a given time and enables the network to prioritise traffic depending on its class.

Most providers are either unable or unwilling to provide complete end-to-end QoS and as a result their connections are usually not optimised for VoIP.

Cloud Net on the other hand offers ADSL and SDSL high capacity broadband services which not only offer greater throughput, but also provide true end-to-end Quality of Service resulting in a much more enjoyable VoIP experience.

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