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By: Cloud Net  08/09/2010
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Unlimited Opportunities

There are almost unlimited opportunities to create business advantage by conducting business anywhere, any time using the flexibility of Cloud Net Systems powered by industry standard SIP.

98.5% Reduction in Switchboards..!

IBM took a global decision early in the new millennium not to invest further in ‘traditional’ telephony, turning instead to IP systems. The move allowed a rationalisation of telephony management to only 12 centralised delivery clusters to replace about 900 traditional PBX systems worldwide

Cloud Net technology includes voice mail, directory, presence, unified messaging capability, conferencing, online phone and address book and more. If you can dream it, then it can do it.

Increase Efficiency

People like talking to people. Voice calls can do things that other communication methods find very difficult. Complex situations can be summarised very quickly when people talk. Misunderstandings are minimised, trust and rapport are established.

Increase Sales

Customers want to be able to talk to real people when they choose. Inevitably this means they all choose to make calls at the same time whenever is most convenient for them. The inherent flexibility in the Cloud Net system means that you can choose to meet this challenge as you choose.

Maybe you turn over more phones to be in the sales department when the peaks happen. Maybe you outsource traffic to home workers. Maybe if you can’t take the call right now you record the name of the person calling and call them back when it is quieter. Maybe you can direct the traffic directly by using voice commands.

Reduce Costs

People time is the most expensive part of most people’s businesses. The more time your people spend doing unproductive things the more money you waste.

The Cloud Net system lets you look at the telephone activity of all your users. You can slice and dice the data in any which way in choose. If the analysis shows you are calling one supplier a lot then you can arrange to do business more efficiently with them - maybe use email.

Simplify Administration

The Cloud Net Connect Control Panel provides ease in navigating and configuring the setup and maintenance process. The system allows easy access for system administrators to make changes to the full system. You can monitor and change call logs, network configuration settings, in fact anything. It also gives individual users access to change their personal PBX extension and voicemail settings.

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