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By: Divineclay  16/08/2010
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This body clay is suitable for both men and women.

If you are looking to tone up sagging areas like the tummy, thighs, arms then this is the slimming aid for you.

Your complete homebody clay kit.

It cares for you neck and face plus tones and firms you up

Body wrapping has been a passion of mine for many years. I have found through trails that I have carried out in the passed years that this clay not only decreases inches and reduces cellulite but also tones you up at the same time.

I have many satisfied clients up and down the country coming back repeatedly.

One pot of 500ml clay would be enough for 3-4 full treatments depending on your body size if you were only to treat certain parts of your body then you would achieve many more.

Your facial mask clay will give you around 8 -12 facial treatments.

My clients age range is around 18 to 90 as everyone wants to look their best and that feel good factor both male and female are suited to these treatments.

I have never found anyone to be harmed by any clay but if you were to have a medical condition, you would have to seek medical advice before under going any treatment with my clays.

I have now made it possible for you too achieve the same results as my clients do by putting together a collection of body clay kits.

All my kits come with full instructions colour photos and sketches plus a great little inch loss chart.

Your success with my body clay depends on you using it as instructed; I recommend may be around ten full treatments for the full benefit of my clay.

Not only will your skin look good and feel good but you will feel much better in your self also.  

I sell both wholesale and retail

Please look at my other items on eBay.

What people have said about Tone and Firm Body Clay?

I have a waist now much smaller and firmer because of my wrap sessions with mark and his body clay “Jenny Heston” Reading

I lost 5 inches all over with  my first body wrap  treatment what a great product and guy , and it has stayed off my clothes look better and I feel better in my self .

Peter west “

I am 75 I had my first wrap two months ago what a difference I may be older but I look great toned with skin that looks so much younger

“Peggy Lewis “

"I lost 6 inches with my first wrap! The process was easy and comfortable and the results were much more than I expected. It gave me clarity of mind and body. Every day I wake up I feel great."
Simon Dexter “

"After my first with   TONE AND FIRM BODYCLAY TREATMENT with mark, I had noticeable results. My blemished skin cleared up, plus I lost 10 inches overall, this is an incredible product and I recommend it to everyone!"

“Susan Talbot”

These are just a few of my happy clients who have given me permission to show clippings from letters I have received from them there are many more too many to add to my eBay listing.

Please feel confident when you buy my products I only use the very best clays in all my products

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