By: Osmovian  19/11/2011
Keywords: project management, data management, Clinical Trials

Osmovian prides itself on expertise in provision of consultancy solutions - our ultimate aim is ensuring customers choose the most appropriate technology and outsourcing partners, are compliant with relevant regulatory requirements, have sufficient training and efficient processes in place to execute and deliver their studies.

Osmovian has particular expertise in publication planning - our medical communications team collaborates with sponsors to ensure product messages are strategically and ethically disseminated to the appropriate audiences.


  • Clinical, Biometrics and Project Management
  • Audits, QA, and compliance assessments against regulatory requirements
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Outsourcing models and partnering
  • Technology acquisition
  • Training solutions and provision of training in any (or all) Osmovian service(s)
  • Process improvement
  • Strategic Publication Planning
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) consultancy and writing
  • Keywords: Applicable Regulatory Requirements, clinical research, clinical trial, Clinical Trial Services, Clinical Trials, Consultancy And Project Management, Customer research, data management, drug testing, Medical Trials, project management, regulatory requirements

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