Bespoke Microsoft.NET projects

By: Systems Valley Ltd  04/10/2009
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We can help you work faster and more efficiently by developing bespoke Microsoft.NET applications for your business, or by migrating your legacy systems and applications to the new Microsoft.NET platform.
Custom application development
Our team of highly-experienced IT professionals can custom- make state-of-the-art desktop and web applications for you that are uniquely tailored to fit the way you and your end-users work.
Your bespoke applications will be faster, more efficient and run more smoothly than off- the-shelf and legacy applications; speeding up your business processes and freeing up your end- users to focus on increasing productivity and profitability.
And because our applications are developed on the revolutionary new Microsoft.NET platform, they can be adapted and enhanced to meet changing business scenarios. So as your business grows and your technology requirements change, your applications will never be out-of-date.
Microsoft.NET Migration Service
Systems Valley also has the skills, expertise and experience to help you speed up and streamline your business operations by migrating your legacy system to the Microsoft.NET platform.
By switching to the quicker, more efficient.NET platform, your software applications will run faster and be more flexible, reliable, and efficient. You will be able to easily integrate them with other applications and securely access them via the Web. And you will be able to enhance and adapt your applications to meet changing business requirements and scenarios.
As specialists in Microsoft.NET technologies, with years of proven experience in software application development and systems migration, we have the expertise to smoothly, safely and cost-effectively migrate your old legacy system to .NET and re-engineer your applications, whilst maintaining your existing business processes and ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.
Before we begin your migration project, we will take the time to obtain an in-depth understanding of your business and your legacy system. We will then draw up a detailed, disruption-free migration plan that will ensure you enjoy all the competitive advantages of switching to Microsoft.NET, without losing any of the benefits of your existing applications. And on completion of the project, we will provide full post-development support and ensure your end-users seamlessly switch from the old legacy system to the faster, more efficient platform.

Keywords: Bespoke, e-commerce, E-Commerce Solutions, internet services