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By: Computech 2000 Computer Services  25/09/2010
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 Anyone who has suffered a virus or spyware attack on their computer system, will certainly acknowledge that the damage that can be caused to a system can be catastrophic.  If an infected computer system also hosts a network the risks to other computers attached to both a domestic or business infrastructure can be great.  Such attacks can result in data being lost or completely destroyed, or if the Windows operating system  is so badly affected it may be necessary to carry out a completely new Windows installation.  However, before doing so, an attempt will have to be made to recover any important data from the hard drive, before the installation process begins, otherwise recovery may become very difficult to carry out.

There are currently a number of serious viruses on the Internet, with an estimated 30,000 being created on a daily basis around the world.  A particular breed of infection known as a "Trojan Horse" can be extremely dangerous to systems, and are currently being used to steal information, identities, and persuade users to part with credit card details and make unnecessary payment for software that is in reality "FAKE".  A great deal of Trojan Horse software is released on to the Internet by organised criminal organisations, who take advantage of computers that are inadequately protected.  Many of these "Fraudulent Applications" can appear very authentic to the unsuspecting user, but must be treated with extreme caution, and if in doubt a trained IT professional should be summed to remove the infection in such a way that it does not cause more damage than is necessary.  Many are specifically programmed to do some sort of damage when removed from a system, so particular care and attention must be taken to reduce this threat.

Previously, we have provided access to a range of security products that could be downloaded directly from this website, but due to the frequent upgrades and amount of time required to keep them up to date they have been removed.  It is now intended to offer improved advice on what protection software is available at NO COST to the user and offer an ALERT service to make users aware of the current threats that exist on the Internet, and how to best prevent them accessing computers connected to the Internet.

Keywords: virus removal

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