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By: Computech 2000 Computer Services  25/09/2010
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No matter how good a computer system is, at some stage it is very likely that it will either require some form of repair or upgrade, in order to replace a defective component, extend the life of the machine or improve on its performance.  You never know when a component is going to fail and quite often defects can be brought about by forces outside of the control of the user, such as an electrical fault, or one component becoming defective and causing another to fail simultaneously.

Components that fail due to normal wear and tear include the following:

Major problems can also be caused when components such as the motherboard or processor (CPU) fail.  Quite often motherboard defects are caused by electrical faults, surges or ESD (Electro-Static Discharge).  It is not uncommon for a failing power supply unit, that is emitting irregular electrical impulses, to also cause a serious motherboard defect, requiring a replacement to be installed.

Improper handling of sensitive components can also cause defects brought about by ESD (Electro-Static Discharge), that is a powerful electrical charge given off by the human body, and can cause serious damage to computer components.  It is for this reason that extreme caution must be taken when handling computer equipment, during a repair or upgrade process.  We have an immense amount of experience in carrying out a variety of repairs and upgrades, and as such always adhere to commonly used precautionary procedures when handling sensitive computer components.

Keywords: Computer Repairs and Upgrades

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