Coping with divorce - velvet mist Reiki

Coping with divorce - velvet mist Reiki from velvet mist

By: velvet mist  03/09/2009
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Divorce – through the tunnel and out the other side 

However painful divorce can be, it is a particular journey that is only meant for some.

I believe there are times in our lives when our beliefs in our self and the spirit world are put to the test, and these tests come in all different shapes and sizes. We are only given what we can handle and what we need. Painful experiences are for a reason and to be whole and find inner peace and happiness we must travel many different journeys. Divorce is a time to reflect, to look over the past, to reassess the here and now, to be able to move forward.

I remember once, many, many, many moons ago, randomly being introduced to an elderly gentleman at an antique market. I don’t remember exactly what he looked like or even his name, but I do remember the one lesson he gave me in that meeting that lasted around 10 seconds.

“Whenever you are faced with two roads ahead, always take the more difficult one as that is the road to learn from.”

My divorce was ‘the more difficult one’ and WOW! did I learn from it.

I now wake up every morning to my first thought…….what new experience will I have today? I love the idea that anything can happen. My mind body and soul are open to everything around me and I can’t wait to get out of bed. Don’t get me wrong, I have two kids and there is ‘human work’ to do and getting out of the house on a school morning is hands on to say the least, but I am open and ready to teach and learn every waking moment of every day.

I believe that our life should be celebrated. There are positive lessons to learn from every experience you encounter however painful they have been and there is only one direction to travel on your life path, and that is forwards.

Which ever stage of your divorce journey you are on, male or female, I have a multitude of support, help, guidance and healing to share with you.

Stay strong, you are on one of your biggest life journeys to date.

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