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By: Zeststreet  07/12/2010
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 New Purepact
Pure vision purepact is the organic division of the PACT beauty group, and promotes responsible business practice that is based on a deeply rooted environmental commitment. purepact provides the purest, most environmentally responsible, peak performing products for healthy living and the preservation of Earth's limited resources. Created for a modern culture, the purepact focus is dedicated to all ages, sexes and ethnic backgrounds purepact products use the newest, most consumer friendly chemical ingredients on the market and combine them with the purest natural ingredients, offering the best of nature and science. pure organics pure plant & flower extracts 100% pure extracts from herbs, plants, flowers and fruits extracted with the newest technologies to the purest result, preserving the maximum from nature's gifts for cosmetic use pure essential oils 100% pure fragrant highly concentrated essences from flowers, plants, leaves, spices, woods and roots, blended to make a signature aroma for purepact aromas, and give maximum benefits from essential oils pure technology purepact has developed its products with the purest technology available today, containing NO artificial fragrances NO artificial colorants NO fragrance enhancers NO EDTA'S NO DEA'S NO CFC's NO sodium laureth sulfate NO silicones NO parabenes purepact products are all PRESERVATIVE FREE, contain 100% pure essential oils, 100% pure organic plant & flower ingredients and are all vitamin E fortified. purepact products are only composed of recyclable material and are not tested on animals.

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