Tips for Personalising T Shirts Creatively

By: NoughTee  03/03/2014
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Shirts are probably the most versatile form of clothing and a must have in any wardrobe. They can be mixed and matched with anything and can be worn in almost any occasion, with the right pairings. T-shirts are a great idea for a collection, whether you are into graphic tees or simple embroidered pieces to match the occasion or your mood for the day. A truly versatile piece of clothing, this inner garment can be worn by anyone: male or female, old and young. It has stood the test of time and changing fashion trends, and it is one of the most creative means of self expression. Not only that—t-shirts are also widely used to express support for various social and political causes, as well as to advertise.

Personalised shirts and custom-designed pieces are the best form of self-expression. They allow each wearer to showcase his or her personality, personal taste, and style when it comes to clothes and designs. If you are tired of usual factory-produced designs that almost everyone in town wears, you can easily whip up some creative design for yourself and have them printed on your choice of garment. In addition to t-shirt printing, there are many other ways to . Your designs can be applied using different kinds of shirt-making techniques, ranging from embroidery to screen printing, appliqué, impression, sublimation transfers, heat transfers, embossing, and many other advanced techniques like e-tailing, where you can design your own shirt using a shirt printing company's special design program and have it produced and delivered to your own doorstep in no time.

Digital printing is one of the most convenient and easiest means to produce designs on shirts. Anyone can use certain digital imaging software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Corel Draw Graphics to design and create a good t-shirt image, which can then be transferred to the garment. While this technique is more expensive than usual screen-printing, it is mostly ideal to use when producing colourful designs, unlike screen prints where each colour requires the cost of a new screen. With digital printing, you can use a great variety of tints and hues to enhance your design. Shirt designs can also be applied to various types of garments, from simple t-shirts to polo shirts, tank tops, layered shirts, cropped tees, and even sleeveless or full-sleeved shirts.

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Keywords: hen night t shirt printing

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