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By: NoughTee  03/03/2014
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Shirt printing has come a long way from stencil cutting and other outmoded printing techniques. Thanks to new technology and more efficient ways of transferring images onto fabric and garments, the future of t-shirt printing is looking better than ever. Professional printing companies make use of the most advanced technologies and shirt printing processes to produce higher-quality, longer durable prints on various types of clothing. Gone are the days when garment printing was limited to clip arts, text, and vector images, as more advanced techniques allow detailed images, pictures, and graphics to display proudly on custom shirts.

There are many and custom shirt printing in the market today, making it that much easier to look for a reliable company to trust your shirt design with. While screen printing remains to be the best means to print longer lasting designs on shirts, more advanced techniques like digital printing and heat transfer provide a better means to produce more complex designs and graphics, which are nearly impossible to do using old screen printing methods.

Digital printing methods and heat transfer (or heat pressing) techniques offer excellent output quality that also last for a long time on fabric even when subjected to frequent washing. This said, the cost of these printing methods is still much greater than traditional screen printing on small quantities, making them suitable for printing exclusive or unique designs instead of mass produced designs. Nevertheless, digital shirt printing methods still offer better quality and more detailed printing, especially when it comes to full color images, photographs and designs.

Additionally, digital printing methods don't require extensive preparation as other traditional printing methods like screen printing will, where you will have to burn the image onto the screen through photo emulsion, and manually transfer fabric ink onto the shirt via the framed and processed screen. Proper ink transfer also relies on manual handling, which means outputs may not be as consistent. However, all printing methods have their own pros and cons making one more ideal to use for certain projects than others.

Noughtee is a t shirt printer to turn to if you want unique custom printed shirts for your company, charity event, or for personal use. You may also submit your own shirt design and ideas through our design platform or simply send us an image of the design you want to see on the finished product.

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Keywords: Digital T Shirt Printing

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