Digital T Shirt Printing: Most Professional Way of T Shirt Printing

Digital T Shirt Printing: Most Professional Way of T Shirt Printing from NoughTee

By: NoughTee  03/01/2014
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Different T-shirt printing techniques produce different results, and some are more suitable for certain types of designs and even fabrics and inks. Screen printing, for example, is great for a template or stencil printing, as well as for printing designs with medium-scale details. However, it is not as practical to use for multiple-colour printing. Direct to garment digital printing, on the other hand, uses a specialised digital printer that allows production of more detailed and colour-specific designs and images, which can later on be heat pressed onto the garment.

What Technique Should You Use?

When considering the best technique to use for t-shirt design production, think about the kind of design you are about to print as well as the number of shirts you intend to produce. While screen printed shirts are great for bulk production, they still don't deliver the same high-resolution quality as digitally printed shirts.

If you do decide on digital printing, here are some things that you should remember:

  1. While digital prints from the past have evident dots from the machine, more modern printing technologies now allow better quality finishes, which give products higher resolution and better durability than before.
  1. Digital printing is definitely the choice for complex designs and for printing photographs and multi-colour images on shirts. Digital, direct to garment printers produce photorealistic designs, and they are definitely the cheaper option when it comes to doing multi colour or multilayer printing because set-up costs are reduced compared to 5-colour (or greater) screening processes.
  1. Digital printing also works best on light-coloured canvasses, because of limitations on ink density. The best design effects are achieved using white and other lighter coloured shirts and garments, although you can still produce good results with black and other dark coloured shirts, especially when using highly advanced DTG printers. Because the technology hasn't been perfected to its highest potential, printing white ink is still problematic for most types of DTG printers, which is why t-shirt designers and manufacturers often avoid white areas or using white ink to produce substantial white areas, more so when using dark base garments.

Contrary to popular belief, does not have to be expensive. You can even enjoy substantial discounts when buying bulk. To ensure that the shirts delivered to you will be of the best quality, order only from shirt printers that use superior machines and inks.

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Keywords: Digital T Shirt Printing, T-Shirt Printing, Womens Shirts

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