Toyota Land Cruiser GXR V8

Toyota Land Cruiser GXR V8 from Special Solutions Group

By: Special Solutions Group  13/08/2010
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Toyota Land Cruiser GXR V8  European Level B6 – NIJ Level IIIStandard Vehicle SpecificationsEngine• Diesel- V8 Twin Turbo• 8 Cylinder, 32 –valve DOHC 4500cc (fuel tank capacity 138ltrs)• Max Output 232 kW @ 3200 RPM• Max Torque 627 Nm. @ 2200 RPM• Compression Ratio 44:6 : 1Transmission & Steering• 5-Speed Automatic with optional manual shifting + / -• Center differential lock• Tilt & telescopic steering columnSuspension & Brake System• Torsion bar double wishbone & stabilizer bar independent suspension• 4 link-type rigid axle with coil spring & stabilizer bar• Ventilated disc brakes• ABS-EBD brake assistDimensions & Gross Vehicle Weight• Wheel base 2850mm• Overall width 1970mm• Overall length 4950mm• Overall height 1890mm• Turning Radius 5.9mtrFeatures• Air Conditioning• Smart key system with start – stop button• 17” Alloy wheel rims• Fabric seats• Cool box• Towing hook• Front & Rear sensorsSpecifications of Armor & Vehicle Alterations• Five sided armoring of passenger cabin to give maximum protectionagainst 7.62 x 51mm & 5.56 x 45mm (SS109)• A, B, C & D pillars are protected with armor this includes rear wheelhumps & firewall. This adds structural rigidity to the overall vehicle.• All passenger doors are fitted with overlap system which providesmaximum strength retention to prevent penetration through door posts& pillars, roof will protect against 45 degree angle shots.• Vehicles armor plates are stitch-welded using high-intensity MIGwelders. The above process ensures the structural integrity isuncompromised by thermal and chemical variations of the material.• The glass is installed using ballistic grade steel frame for addedprotection which gives extra support to help prevent cracks &fractures this also provides back up protection around thesepotentially weak areas which are commonly missed by othermanufactures.• The door hinges are replaced with custom-engineered heavy dutyhinges bolted directly onto the armor through the pillars & the doorsthis prevents stress on the hinges and the internal panels which usuallycrack under the strain.• Floor is fitted with blast protection to protect occupants againstfragmentation from simultaneous detonation of 2 DM-51 Germanordnance hand grenades or equivalentTransparent Armor• Curved glass, PVB/polycarbonate laminate 6.2kgs./sq.ft(13.7lbs/sq.ft)• Glass is manufactured using quality & strict selection of materialswhich provides the following features, Anti-Spall shield protectsagainst glass splinters, chemical attacks. Autoclave temperatureallows the polycarbonate to lose its memory to prevent delaminating& internal stress. The glass also provides multi hit protection.• The ballistic performance of bullet resistance glass is diminishedwhen the glass is exposed to high temperatures; Solar Plus ensurestotal ballistic resistance performance for a longer period of time.• Glass is tested in accordance with EN 1522 & EN 1063 EuropeanLevel B6 – NIJ Level IIIElectrical• All electrical equipment standard to this vehicle shall be tested andmodified as necessary to protect against the armoring process.Standard Security Features• Runflat devices fitted in all five wheels ( Hutchinson)• Fuel tank & sub tank encased with ballistic steel to protect againstexplosive device projectiles• All four passenger doors fitted with heavy duty webbed door straps• Battery is protected within an armored box in the engine compartment• Exhaust protection to prevent foreign objects being inserted• Suspension is upgraded with heavy duty front & rear shocks &springs to compensate for the additional weight• Vehicle tire jack (upgraded if necessary to lift additional weight ofarmor) & tire iron.• Gun-ports are installed below both L/H & R/H quarter windowsNote: All gunports are concealed and are not visible from the outside.The appearance of the vehicle is not altered so we can maintain as closeto an original look as possible.ConfidentialityBoth parties to this contract agree to keep any and all details of thisagreement strictly confidential, and not to disclose any of the informationcontained herein to any unauthorized person(s) or entities which may beconstrued as current or potential clients of, or competitors of Bahrah TradingCompany W.L.L. This clause is included for the benefit of both parties tothis contract.WarrantyARMORED CARS UK warranties any armor related items installed againstmanufacturer’s defects for a period of one year or 20,000KM which evercomes first. Any suspected warranty related work must first be confirmed asbeing necessary by means of technical consultation with a representative ofARMORED CARS UK . Technical consultation regarding any repairs ormalfunctions is available by telephone, fax or e-mail during normaloperating hours

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