Flotation Bulletproof Vest

Flotation Bulletproof Vest from Special Solutions Group

By: Special Solutions Group  13/08/2010
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Flotation Bulletproof Vest
Design FeaturesThe tabard style vest has been developed for waterborne operations. A built in floatation device is protected by soft armour panels in the front, back, and shoulders (detachable neck, groin, and deltoid panels are optional).The armour panels are placed in front of the floatation device so that it can inflate after sustaining a direct hit from gun fire or IED fragments. A matrix of 25 mm webbing allows the fitting of MOLLE accessory pockets.The design allows for interchange ability and upgrading of Armour protection levels according to customer requirements. Velcro adjustment on sides allows variation of 10cm in waist circumference. Flexibility and low weight enables the jacket to be worn comfortablyfor long periods of duty with minimal effect on wearer manoeuvrability.An integrated cummerbund places the carrying load on the hips insteadof the shoulders which greatly improves the ergonomic characteristics ofthe Vest.   Outer Garment:The garment is made with a combination of high quality 500D NylonCordura fabric and Poly Mesh fabric. This produces an extremelydurable yet lightweight garment that endures the harsh ocean environmentand prevents water retention. High quality fittings such as; YKK zippers, Velcro fasteners, polyesterfilament webbing, and stainless steel adjusters are employed to guaranteereliability and longevity.   Floatation Rescue:The inflatable floatation device provides 275 Neutons of buoyancy andwill automatically right an unconscious person.Either manual or automatic activation systems are available dependingupon the customer’s preference.Attached to the Vest is a rescue kit comprised of; whistle, wateractivated light, and signalling mirror. Extraction from water is facilitated by a drag handle across the shoulder blades. The handle forms part of an integrated body harness which securely wraps around the waist, groin, and shoulders.The inner garment remains close fitting to the body after deployment of the inflation device in order to retain body heat when floating in water.Armour Panels:The Panels are made with 100% Polyethylene fibre. When tested in accordance with NIJ Standard 0101.04 the Armour satisfies level IIIA for 9mm and NIJ level IIIA 9mm and 44 Magnum.The area density is 5.25 kg/m².The Soft Armour Panels are encapsulated in waterproof and UV lightproof Nylon fabric that is vacuum-sealed and high frequency welded.   SAR HAWK Harness:The SAR HAWK harnesses have been designed by Dave Allport for the Mountain Rescue and Military personnel. Dave has now made the next move.A known design of his but made from new materials, sandwich laminated foam, special polyester webs for extra strength, abrasion resistance and extremely high resistance to UV degradation.The HAWK sit harness gives a wrap around fitting for ease of donning when wearing crampons, etc, or to stop getting soiled as is usual with the step in type . If preferred you may keep the buckles fastened to give stepin fitment if required.- Std. Colour: ORANGE and BLACK. Ref:H0003- Specials: All BLACK Ref:H0004- Front Attachment.Double thickness 18mm Belay loop 35kN.- Fully adjustable waist and legs.- Wrap around or step in fitting.- Well-established and easy interlocking buckle system.- Laminated formed, closed cell foam padding.- Shaped waist and legs for extra comfort.- High quality polyester webbing.- Four reinforced catch free gear rack loops.- Waist circumference, Min 74cm, Max 120cm.- Leg/Thigh circumference, Min 42cm, Max 70cm.- Weight: 750grms.Conforms to EN813 Sit Harness, EN361 Full Body Harness when linked with the S.A.R. KITE chest harness and LINK sling.   Weight of the vestTotal weight of the Garment and Armour Panels as follows:     Small Medium Large X-Large Garment & floatation 1.70 1.90 2.10 2.30 Armor Panels 1.70 2.00 2.30 2.50 Total kgs 3.40 3.90 4.40 4.8   Coverrage AreaTotal coverage area of the Armour Panels in square metres is: -   Small Medium Large X-Large Front 0.13 0.15 0.17 0.20 Back 0.20 0.23 0.26 0.28 Total 0.33 0.38 0.43 0.48

Keywords: Body Armor, Bomb Disposal Suit, bullet proof vests