dog Bullet Proof Vest

dog Bullet Proof Vest from Special Solutions Group

By: Special Solutions Group  13/08/2010
Keywords: Body Armor, bullet proof vests, Bomb Disposal Suit

 dog Bullet Proof Vest Special Features PREMIUM QUALITYWebbing and elastic straps facilitate adjustment and enhancemanoeuvrability.Flexibility and low weight enables the armour to be worn comfortablyfor long periods of duty with minimal restriction and distress. Design FeaturesTwo panel design offering ballistic protection to all of the canine' s vital organs if shot in the chest, back, under belly or sides. The design allows for interchange ability and upgrading of Armourprotection levels according to the operational requirements.   Coverage Areao: Total coverage area of the Armor Panels in square metres is: Size                 Medium                   Large                 X-Large Total m2           0.35                        0.38                    0.42 Weight of the vest: The complete set of Body Armor weights(kgs): Size                 Medium                   Large                 X-Large             NIJ II                2.00                        2.30                     2.70 NIJ IIIA             2.70                        3.00                     3.30   Warranty:The Outer Garment and Armor Panels are guaranteed againstinferior quality materials and workmanship for a period of one andfive years respectively. Place of Manufacture:All of the components required for this set of Body Armor aremanufactured in Malaysia

Keywords: Body Armor, Bomb Disposal Suit, bullet proof vests