DEMINING APRON from Special Solutions Group

By: Special Solutions Group  13/08/2010
Keywords: Body Armor, bullet proof vests, Bomb Disposal Suit

The DMA is designed for land mine clearing specialists. It providesfull frontal coverage from neck to knee and utilizes the mostadvanced materials to produce a lightweight and affordablesolution. The integrated suspension system holds the suit securewhile providing the highest degree of mobility.   Design FeaturesThe De-Mining Suit is designed like a large Apron to providemaximum frontal coverage in case of accidental discharge of LandMines when clearing.The Garment design allows for interchange ability and upgrading ofArmour protection levels according to the customer’s requirements.Special FeaturesProvides complete upper torso protection from Neck to Knee. Velcroand Webbing adjustment on sides, shoulders, and legs ensuresexact fit. Flexibility and low weight enables the Apron to be worncomfortably for long periods of operation without restricting wearermanoeuvrability.   Outer GarmentThe outer garment is washable and made of high quality 500DNylon Cordura fabric that is specially treated to be flame retardant,water repellent, and abrasion resistant.The innermost layer is made with poly-strong mesh fabric and fittedwith our Integrated Trauma Reduction and Ventilation (ITRV)System – this facilitates airflow around the wearer’s body to ensuremaximum comfort and effectively dissipates energy from the Chestin the event of an explosion.   Armour PanelsThe Panels are manufactured with multiple layers of High TenacityAramid Fabric to provide Blast Fragment protection that satisfiesMIL-662F for 17 grain .22 cal FSP – two protection options areavailable as standard solutions:- V50 > 450 m/s area density is 2.6 kg/m²- V50 > 600 m/s area density is 4.1 kg/m²Each Soft Armour Panel is vacuum-sealed inside a PU coated 210DNylon Oxford fabric cover that is ultrasonically welded to protect theAramid Fabric from moisture and UV light degradation.   Coverage Area: The Armour inside the Suit provides a total Protection Area of 0.9 m² Weight of the vestThe complete De-Mining Suit fitted with Armour Panels weighsapproximately:- V50 > 450 m/s = 4.0 kgs- V50 > 600 m/s = 5.3 kgs Visor (Optional)   The Polycarbonate Visor is 5 mm thick; 24 cm high, and has acurved surface length of 48 cm. The Visor is fitted to the head witha sturdy adjustable harness made with high strength polyesterwebbing.When tested in accordance with MIL-662F using 17 grain .22 calFSP, the V50 > 250 m/s.

Keywords: Body Armor, Bomb Disposal Suit, bullet proof vests