Bullet proof vest

By: Special Solutions Group  13/08/2010
Keywords: protective clothing, bullet proof vests, Ballistic Helmet

 Bulletproof products Descriptions:The Ballistic Case is designed for use by Covert Officers/Bodyguards and VIP’s to protect against Blast Fragments, HandGuns, and Sub-Machine-Guns.The Armour Panel is instantaneously deployed by pressing thequick release buckle on the front of the bag.Both the top and the bottom of the case have built in armour whichis hidden into the fabric. This allows the bag to fully functional whilstoffering covert protection.This covert shield is designed to protect the users vital organs,located in the torso. once the bag is opened the user may place theelasticated loop around their neckwhich will keep the shield in place.   Ballistic Composition: The Armour Panel is made with multiple layers of Aramid fabric thatare stitched together and sealed inside a waterproof Nylon fabriccover.When tested in accordance with US NIJ Standard 1010.04 thearmour panel will satisfy level IIIA 9mm SMG The Armour isdesigned to offer the same protection level when shot from eitherside   Dimension:When fully deployed the Armour Panel measures 75 cm x 40 cm andweights 2.0 kgsThe total weight of the briefcase and armour panelsis 3.0 kgs   Warranty:The Briefcase and Armour Panel are guaranteed against inferiorquality materials and workmanship for a period of one year and fiveyears respectively.This ballistic case have been manufacturered in acordance with theNational Institute of Justice (NIJ) This product carries a liabilityinsurance policy on USD 1 million

Keywords: Ballistic Helmet, bullet proof vests, protective clothing