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By: Special Solutions Group  13/08/2010
Keywords: Body Armor, bullet proof vests, Bomb Disposal Suit

 BODY ARMOR VEST Total coverage area of the Armored Panels in square meters is:-                     Medium             Large                 X-Large Front             0.14                  0.16                     0.18Back              0.21                  0.25                     0.30Shoulder       0.04                  0.04                     0.04Collar            0.05                  0.05                     0.05Groin             0.06                  0.07                     0.07Deltoid          0.08                  0.10                     0.10Total m²        0.58                  0.67                     0.74Total weight of the vest are as follows: NIJ II (9mm and .357 Magnum)                                                              Medium           Large             X-Large Basic Vest(Inclusive of Front, Back and                   2.50               2.60                  2.803.20 Shoulders) Complete Vest(Inclusive of Basic Vest, Collar                3.20                3.30                  3.50 Deltoids and Groin)   NIJ IIIA (.337 Magnum and 44 Magnum) Basic Vest(Inclusive of Front, Back and                  3.80                 4.40                 5.00Shoulders) Complete Vest(Inclusive of Basic Vest, Collar                4.90                5.70                  6.40Deltoids and Groin)Medium  Design FeaturesTabard style Vest with protection panels to cover the front, back,and shoulders. It can also be fitted with detachable neck, groin, anddeltoid panels. The Garment design allows for interchange abilityand upgrading of Armour protection levels according to thecustomer’s requirements.Special FeaturesThe Vest has an Emergency Dumping System that interconnectsshoulders, cummerbund, and waist fasteners. The Vest literally fallsoff by pulling on the chest mounted release cord. This mechanismalso facilitates the size adjustment which is 5 cm over the shouldersand 10 cm around the waist.A matrix of 25 mm webbing allows the fitting of MOLLE accessorypockets. Integrated rifle butt supports ensure a solid shootingplatform.Flexibility and low weight enables the jacket to be worn comfortablyfor long periods of duty without restricting wearer manoeuvrability.   Outer Garment The Vest’s outer garment is made of high quality 500D Nylon fabricthat is washable and specially treated to be water repellent,abrasion resistant, and flame retardant.The innermost layer is made with open mesh fabric to facilitate airand water flow around the torso. All camouflage   Lumbar SupportAn integrated Body Belt greatly improves the ergonomic characteristicsof the Vest and provides continuous comfort during lengthyperiods of wear. Independent medical consultants have endorsedthe Body Belt feature.   Armour PanelsThe Armour Panels are made with Light Weight UDX which isuni-directional Aramid fibre laminated together with thermoplasticadhesives. This unique solution provides extremely flexible ballisticprotection in accordance with NIJ 0101.06Area of Density:-1) NIJ II (9mm and .357 Magnum) - 3.50 kg/m²2) NIJ IIIA (.357 Magnum and 44 Magnum) - 5.40 kg/m²The panels are encapsulated in waterproof and UV lightproof Nylonfabric that is vacuum-sealed with ultrasonic welding.Medium

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Keywords: Body Armor, Bomb Disposal Suit, bullet proof vests