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By: Special Solutions Group  13/08/2010
Keywords: Body Armor, bullet proof vests, Ballistic Helmet

 Usage and Tactical EnvironmentPersonnel will use the ballistic helmet as part of their individual equipment to protecttheir heads against injuries from blunt, sharp, and ballistic threats. The helmet can beused in conventional warfare as well as in counter-insurgency and public orderoperations.Operating ConditionsThe Helmet can be used in all extremes of weather.The Helmet is sufficiently robust to withstand the general wear and tear of tacticaloperations, but care should be taken wherever possible to avoid unnecessaryabuse.The Helmet is simple to wear - easy to put on and adjust.The Helmet fits firmly but remains comfortable.No special maintenance is required except for general cleaning.-----Fundamental Performance ObjectiveProvides protection against ballistic shrapnel and medium calibre pistols.Protects the head from blunt impact, such as falling over or falling objects.Has a low centre of gravity so that it is stable to wear.Takes into consideration the size of an average soldier in terms of weight and sizeto ensure that it is comfortable to wear.Provides adequate ventilation to reduce heat and improve comfort.Is finished in a matt and textured PU paint that is Infrared Reflective.Paint Colour can be matched to any customer’s specificationDoes not delaminate, distort or crack during normal operations for a period of 5yearsGuaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year.   Helmet Shell---Constructed with multiple layers of Aramid and Nylon woven fabric that are     laminated together with Phenolic thermo set resin---Available in three different sizes; medium, large, extra large as detailed below    When tested in accordance with MIL-STD-662F, using 0.22 calibre, 17 grain    fragment simulator projectiles, the minimum V50 velocity is 600 m/s (1968 f/s)---When tested in accordance with STANAG 2920, the de-lamination will not exceed    20mm---When tested in accordance with NIJ Standard 0106.01 the Helmet Shell will defeat     9 mm FMJ ammunition @ 427 m/s---The Shell thickness is a constant 8.5 ± 0.5 mm and smooth on the inside---The outer coating is Infrared Reflective (IRR).---When dropped from a height of 2.5m above a cement floor, the Helmet will not    crack or de-laminate.---When subjected to a sideways force of 6.3N, the Helmet will crack or delaminate     and the permanent deformation will not exceed 5mm.---When immersed in tap water at 15o to 25oC for 16 hours and allowed to air dry for     12 hours under the same temperature conditions, the Helmet and outside coating     will not soften, blister, or peel. (Specification: MIL-H-4409A - Para 4.5.1.) OverviewMade of high quality materials; this unique harness design is engineered to providemaximum comfort, support and trauma attenuation. A ratchet knob at the base of theskull facilitates effortless adjustmentof the head circumference from 50-64 cm.The medium size ratchet will fit sizes between extra small to medium and the largesize ratchet will fit sizes between medium to extra largeHarness mounting systemsThe Harness is mounted to the Helmet Shell with four (4) stainless steel screwsthat support the main Head Band and Chin Strap.The harness can be replaced easily in the field with a standard screw driver.The overall Ballistic integrity is maintained even when shot directly on the screws.-Helmet Harness designHeadband circumference is easily adjustable with Ratchet Knob at rear.Head Size range from 50 cm to 64 cmPolyester Mesh Head Cradle is adjustable with Velcro fasteners.Easily replaceable when worn-out or damaged.Suspends the Helmet 15-20 mm above the wearer’s head.Absorbs the residual kinetic energy of the projectiles during impact.Provides ventilation to reduce accumulation of heat inside the HelmetQuick release buckle on the Chinstrap facilitates efficient fitting and removal.Four-point Chinstrap can be adjusted with 3-bar webbing sliders on the sides ofthe head Dimensions of Helmet Shell                                 Medium                 Large                 X-Large Head Size                 51-54 cm               55-57 cm           58-60 cm Height(Internal)       160 ± 3 mm         170 ± 3 mm       180 ± 3 mm Length(Internal)      253 ± 4 mm         260 ± 4 mm       267 ± 4 mm Width(Internal)        216 ± 4 mm          225 ± 4 mm      234 ± 4 mm

Keywords: Ballistic Helmet, Body Armor, bullet proof vests