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By: Special Solutions Group  13/08/2010
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 Armored Vehicle European Level B6 – NIJ Level III Clasificación DIN EN 1522 + DIN EN 1063  Standard Vehicle Specifications Engine Turbo Diesel- 3250 FTI 5 Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Vertical Inline DI (Diesel fuel tank capacity 63ltrs) Max Output 100bhp (ISO) @ 3200 RPM Max Torque 265 Nm. @ 1800-2000 RPM Sump capacity 7.5 Ltrs Transmission G1 18/5 5 speed Gear lock synchromesh on forward gears 5 forward, 1 reverse Single plate, dry friction, hydraulically actuated ,240mm   Suspension & Brake System Independent torsion bar with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers & anti roll-bar Rear semi elliptical leaf springs with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers Hydraulic dual circuit with front solid disc brakes & rear drum brake   Dimensions & Gross Vehicle Weight Overall width 1680 Overall length 4160 Overall height 1995 Min. Ground Clearance 225 Gross Vehicle weight 3220kg approx(This includes armor)   Unique Features Air Conditioning Power assisted steering 16” Steel wheel rims 6mm Tubular ladder chassis frame Turning Radius 7.0 mtrs Four wheel drive (4x4) & Diff locks Front & Rear Specifications of Armor & Vehicle Alterations Five sided armoring of passenger cabin to give maximum protection against 7.62 x 51mm & 5.56 x 45mm in accordance with EN 1522 & EN 1063 European level B6 – NIJ Level III A,  B,  C  &  D  pillars  are  protected  with  armor,  as  are  front  fenders, (wings) rear wheel arches & firewall. This adds structural rigidity to the overall vehicle, floor is fitted with seven multi layer fragmentation blanket to protect against simultaneous detonation of 2xDM51 splinter hand grenades, roof will protect against 45 degree angle shots. All passenger doors are fitted with overlap system and antispall guard which  provides  maximum  strength  retention  to  prevent  penetration through door posts & pillars. Vehicles  armor  plates  are  stitch-welded  using  high-intensity  MIG welders.    This    process   ensures    the    structural   integrity    is uncompromised by thermal and chemical variations of the material. The  glass  is  installed  using  ballistic  grade  steel  frame  for  added protection   which   gives   extra   support   to   help   prevent   cracks   & fractures.  This  also  provides  added  protection  for  these  potentially weak areas.  The hinges are bolted directly onto the armor through the pillars & the doors  to  prevent  stress  on  the  hinges  and  the  internal  panels  which otherwise will lead to cracking under the extra weight. Transparent Armor Flat  glass,  PVB/polycarbonate  laminate  6.2kgs./sq.ft(13.7lbs/sq.ft)  – Thickness is 39mm (Replaces all OEM glass). Glass is manufactured under strictly controlled conditions, using only the highest grade materials. Anti-Spall  shield  protects  against  glass  splinters,  chemical  attacks. Autoclave temperature allows the polycarbonate to lose its memory to prevent delaminating & internal stress. The glass also provides multi hit protection. The ballistic performance of bullet resistance glass can be diminished when  the  glass  is  exposed  to  high  temperatures;  Solar  Plus  ensures total ballistic resistance performance for a longer period of time. Glass  is  tested  in  accordance  with  EN  1522  &  EN  1063  European Level B6 – NIJ Level III IF NEED MORE INFORMATION ABOUT Standard Vehicle Features PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT WITH MY COMPANY. THANKS.

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