Develop your minds potential to overcome anything you wish

Develop your minds potential to overcome anything you wish from Shires Hypnotherapy

By: Shires Hypnotherapy  05/03/2011
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So, how does Hypnotherapy work ?
Hypnotherapy is a process by which we can sort out our heads!!!
Have you ever heard the saying " it's all in your head ", there is some truth behind the saying.
To understand how hypnosis works we must first get an understanding of how the human mind works and to this end we can divide the mind into three sections.
The First part is called the CONSCIOUS mind. This part of our mind is both analytical and logical. It is this part that allows us to perform tasks every minute of every day, for example - how to drive a car, how to make a cup of tea, how to get dressed or even how to talk. All these processes are automatic in nature, they are learned and they now get performed on auto pilot so to speak. 
The second part of our mind is called the CRITICAL FACTOR.
This part of our mind acts as a comparing mechanism. This part, processes any new information we learn against already stored information and beliefs. If the new information is deemed acceptable then it is also stored, if not then is gets put in the trash can so to speak. 
The third part of our mind is called the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.
It is this part of our mind where we store all our beliefs, ideas, thoughts and emotions. This part of our minds is where all problems ( no matter what they be, how trivial or serious ) exist.
We can compare the human mind to a new computer hard drive. When you get a new computer, the hard drive will be empty. Then with time we add and save things to that hard drive.When we are born, we have a clear mind just like that computer hard drive. As we grow and develop, we learn new thoughts, ideas, opinions, beliefs and we store these on our hard drive (the subconscious mind). One major problem with the subconscious mind is that it can not tell the difference between fact or fiction. It takes all information on a literal basis. A great deal of information is learned in our youth and at this time we have an inability to process information clearly with adult reasoning. Therefore information stored can be wrong and most adult issues stem from youth or hold relevance to it.
A qualified hypnotherapist will be able to bypass the critical factor and communicate directly to the subconscious mind. It is here that new suggestions will be planted, learned and compounded. The process is very relaxing and you will remain in complete control throughout.

During our FREE initial consultation I will evaluate your specific needs and goals and discuss how I can best assist you.    When goals are clear and specifically defined, I will create a bespoke treatment plan just for you.   I can visit your home to conduct treatment or you can visit Shires if preferred. I can also treat via telephone or Skype.   I also give presentations, provide corporate functions and group bookings. If your organisation/club/charity would like to benefit from any of these premier services, please contact to schedule.   Also, be sure to take a look at our exciting range of self improvement treatment discs.     IMPORTANT:  No therapy can give you a 100% guarantee of a cure. Whilst clinical hypnotherapy is very safe, if you suffer from epilepsy, or are undergoing psychiatric treatment, then you should obtain a letter from your doctor to confirm that you may have hypnotherapy.  

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