Glass Nail Files

Glass Nail Files from Green Hands

By: Green Hands  04/02/2009
Keywords: manicures, nail art, nail polish

Filing your nails has never been easier than with one of these, universally adored by returning customers. Our best selling Green Hands product is the Green Hands Glass Nail File. They are 13.5cm long, single sided files. At this size these are perfect for handbags, desks, and makeup bags. The surface is very smooth, it very quickly leaves you with a smooth edge to your nail, and with regular use has been shown to improve nail strength.

Manufactured in the Czech Republic by a small family firm of glass engravers; they are produced with care and attention, by etching the surface of the glass. This top class product does not wear out or blunt.These files are wonderful for those who can't bear the feel of an emery board.

The file doesn't scratch at the nail with a sandy surface, the filing feels very smooth. It also works extremely quickly! If you have peeling or brittle nails, you can use this file to bevel the edge of your nail and in so doing, bring the layers of your natural nail together and making it less likely to peel.

They are ideal for manicurists and beauty therapists, the files are simple to sterilise. Can be sterilised with heat, steam, sterilisation fluid or UV light. This cuts down on overheads and ensures a hygienic salon. They are suitable for use on natural or acrylic nails. If using for acrylic and UV Gel nails simply dip in water while filing.


Keywords: manicures, nail art, nail polish