Lamb Equipment

Lamb Equipment from Rob Goddard Sheep Equipment

By: Rob Goddard Sheep Equipment  02/11/2010
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We supply and stock the following lambing equipment:

Multiform lamb adopter starter unit:
1525mm (5ft) wide x 1200mm long x 800mm high. Featuring adjustable neck yoke, guard wings and removable bucket holders. Suitable for horned sheep.
Multiform lamb adopter add on unit
As per starter unit minus one side panel.

Lamb adopter fronts:
930mm (3ft) long x 1016mm high with universal coupling arrangement and adjustable neck yoke. Supplied complete with bucket holders. Suitable for horned sheep.

Lamb creep hurdles:
1830mm (6ft) long x 970mm high complete with adjustable creep apertures. Loop type fixing ensures compatibility with 7 railed interlocking sheep hurdles.

Meshed lambing hurdles:
A 5 railed sheep hurdle, 1015mm high, and clad with 50 x 50mm weldmesh. Loose ring type coupling arrangement.

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